Lone Wolf - Ron Rutherford's Debut Release

Produced by Robert Wayne Hawkins and Ron Rutherford

Executive Producer: Ron Rutherford

Recorded by Richard P. Robinson

All tracks, overdubs, mixing and mastering at DIAM Entertainment in LA except * tracks and overdubs recorded at Muzikjakit Productions in NYC by Larry Russell

Mixed by Richard P. Robinson, Robert Wayne Hawkins and
Ron Rutherford

Mastered by Richard P. Robinson

The following music artists were instrumental in the creation of this album, and their contribution to what we'd consider a true masterpiece is greatly appreciated.

John Groover McDuffie: Acoustic, Electric, Slide, Pedal Steel,
Lap Steel and Lead Guitars, Dobro and Banjo
Marty Buttwinick: Bass
Scott Brannon: Drums
Bill Keis: Keyboards
Ted Falcon: Fiddle
Larry Russell: *Additional keyboards on “Lone Wolf”

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Rarestar RecordsRon Rutherford

All songs written by Ron Rutherford
Copyright © 2011 Rarestar Music

"This album is dedicated to the late Johnny Pierce - my Oklahoma brother" - Ron Rutherford, 2006.

Ron Rutherford’s release, "Lone Wolf", is a brilliant emotional journey you have to take to its end. It is next to impossible to stop listening to the CD before its final cut. Only then will you be satisfied. After you have heard it all the way through once, you’ll simply want to listen to it over and over. Ron’s unique voice, combined with the sounds of some of the finest musicians you’ve ever heard, make the album a continuing treat. You’ll always hear something brand new.

The first song, “Freak Flag”, is a rollicking introduction to Ron Rutherford – Texan, New Yorker, Country Rockin’ rebel. He knows where he’s going and happy to have you tag along.

“Unlucky Love”, the next one, is far from unlucky or sad. This beautiful ballad is all about being awakened to the reality of true, sweet, lasting love.

Ron says his music comes from his life experiences, and not all of them have been happy. Everyone knows things don’t always work out as planned. In “Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye”, this down-to-the-bone singer/songwriter takes us through a lovers’ breakup, describing every feeling, every step of the way, until, finally – it’s done.

How did you feel after the loss of that first real love? A hole is a place where something used to be. In “Hole In My Heart”, the relentless Ron Rutherford describes for you – reminds you – how the bottom really feels when you finally touch down.

“Let Love Be” brings blessed relief. This gorgeous acoustic outing is the experienced voice of one who has been through the worst and come out whole. Ron, accompanied by the incomparable guitar work of John Groover McDuffie, tells us how simple, how easy love can be, if we let it.

“This Is True” just makes you feel good. It’s a romp with a happy man who can describe the top as well as he can the bottom.

“Damned” is a story you have to hear. This one is an eerie outing that brings you out the top in the end. It’s a feature length film in five minutes.

“Tennessee Moon” is Ron’s grateful tribute to his good friend Johnny, bass player/guitarist/producer.

The title song, “Lone Wolf”, through Ron Rutherford’s high, clear voice, paints pictures and tells a story you’ll just have to experience again and again.

“Many Moons Ago” is the penultimate song on the album. “Don’t I know You?” “When did we do this before?” “Are we friend or foe? Do you remember?” Once Ted Falcon’s supernatural fiddle introduces this one you know you’re in for something remarkable, stimulating, that somehow familiar trail you didn’t take ... this time.

“Dirt Road” is all country. It’s the story of “down home boy makes good”. It is exactly what you want to hear.

Listen to Ron Rutherford’s release, “Lone Wolf”, all the way through. It’s a trip you’ll want to make again and again.